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Wolfbane Books — About Our Name

Creating films for companies by developing scripts and executing interviews with a teleprompter.

I met the founders of Wolfbane books while attending seminary in 2015. After seminary, the founders contacted me about making some videos for their new publishing company. They wanted to start making children’s books that took some of the deeper and more abstract theology that they learned in seminary and put it into ways that are easier for children to understand. The goal was to write books that were beautifully illustrated and extremely accessible. 

Kenneth Padgett and Shay Gregorie, the founders of Wolfbane Books, met in seminary years ago, and forged a friendship around formational storytelling. Now their homes are teeming with life, and serve as the proving grounds for delivering beautifully true stories to the rest of the world.


They reached out to me about making some Kickstarter and informational videos. One of the first videos we made together was this one, about the name of their company. They found that many people did not understand where the name came from or what it meant. We worked together to make a scripted short video that explains the origins of the name. 

Before we got together in person, we worked on a script, hammering out and fine-tuning little parts of it, so that it was exactly what they wanted. Once the script was complete, we were able to get together in person, put the script on a Teleprompter and film their parts in an extremely short amount of time. 

We knew we wanted more footage than just the interviews, so after we were finished with the on-camera shooting, we had one of the founders’ kids play around in the forest. We were able to get tons of great b-roll style footage of the kids playing to go along with the main scripted part of the video. As you can see, the final video turned out beautifully, and was able to come together efficiently and quickly with planning and script.

The entire process, from developing the scripts to filming and editing, took approximately two weeks.

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