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CHA Ballet Company Promotional

We’ve worked with Chattanooga Ballet many times over the last few years, so when they reached out to us about doing a short promo video, we were game.

They needed a 60 second video for three reasons: to show the professionalism of their dancers and the high standard they have for their company, to bring in new performances to the region, and recruit more dancers to teachers and students for their classes.

They wanted the final video to be based on an artistic vision that encapsulated all the values of Chattanooga Ballet. Together, we were able to brainstorm capturing gorgeous footage of their dancers at several different beautiful locations around Chattanooga.


We shot these short little segments during the period of about a week, all throughout downtown Chattanooga and in state forests and parks nearby. 

The dancers had choreographed small sections of dance for each location, and we planned the filming out in great detail so that would be quick and painless for the dancers – meaning they wouldn’t have to keep doing the same dance over and over again until we captured it perfectly.  We wanted to capture it perfectly in as few as two takes. 

This type of B Roll video is super easy because it doesn’t require any interviews or anyone to be on camera; we just had to shoot footage of something the dancers already do all day every day, but just do it in different locations outside of their studio.

The final result was tons of amazing B-roll that we were able to edit together into a 60 second film. In addition we were able to find music and voiceover that worked really well with the overall theme and feel of the video. 

Because we got tons of great footage of their dancers in so many different locations, Chattanooga Ballet is now equipped to use it to make other videos in the future.

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