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Airbnb – Mark’s Story

We have had the pleasure of working with Airbnb on their public policy team since 2015. In 2023 they contacted us about capturing stories of how Airbnb hosts in Nashville use their rental income. They wanted to showcase the benefit the rental income has to not only the homeowners, but also the city through economic growth, supporting businesses, and more. As the city has continued to grow and the standard of living has risen to astronomical levels, homeowners have found that being an Airbnb host has allowed them to stay in their homes through the additional income. 

Airbnb wanted to capture the stories of four different hosts throughout Metro Nashville, through their words. And we said yes, we would love to!  


Mark’s story is a music city success. He moved to Nashville from New Jersey to pursue his career in music in the early 2000s. He was able to start renting out his apartment on Airbnb to help fund his dreams of being a full-time musician and touring. Mark also decided to buy a local farmers market in Nashville, and he uses his income from Airbnb to fund his farmers market which brings in upwards of 300 businesses a week. 

We filmed Mark’s home and interview in a period of a few hours, then edited down to hone in on his story. The goal was to have a 60 second video that told his story in the most authentic way possible.

Stories like Marks’ show how short term rentals can have a massive impact on local hosts’ well-being and their ability to stay in the city that they love. But also it highlights the support that Airbnb can bring to local businesses, Mark is special, and we were very honored to be able to capture it.

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