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One day of filming, 40 professional social media videos.


We worked with Wizardly to efficiently film and produce short videos to use for their social media.

When we first partnered with Wizardly, we put our heads together and decided on the best way to create content for our social media accounts. We have found that algorithms love video, and video is where all social media channels are heading.  We also noticed that a lot of people haven’t seen our faces much, which is a way we felt we could improve our connection with potential clients. 

Being located in different cities, we needed a plan that was efficient for everyone involved, knocking out as much content as possible in one day together. This not only allowed us to create useful content for the company, but to work together face-to-face and further build our intra-company connection.

End result: We decided to write out 10 to 15 scripts for each of us and get together for one day of filming. We ended up making about 40 short videos in one that one day! Each video is specifically filmed for social media and is less than a minute long. 

It was a super fun experiment to figure out how to make tons of video content efficiently, featuring several members of our team and their backgrounds of expertise.  

This video is just the first of about 40 total videos we made with our parent company, Wizardly. 


We spent a couple weeks writing out all and editing the scripts, so we were prepared when we got together to film. On the day of filming, we used a teleprompter, meaning we didn’t have to memorize all of the script, letting us move quickly through each video. 

Doing this for our own company was an extremely helpful experiment, allowing us to fine-tune the processes in order to be able to offer it to our clients. 

So what could this look like for your company? It looks like hiring us to help script and craft 20-40 short videos to be used to tell your company’s story. Then we simply set aside a day of filming to capture everything that you need on camera. The end result is a collection of short, social media appropriate videos, to promote your services and offerings.

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